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No 1 Bio

Designing things for me is more than a job. This is my childhood. This is my dreams come alive somewhere. This is a situation given to me by God and that I am trying to develop with enthusiasm. It doesn't matter who or what I design for. I want to embody ideas not only in my own mind, but in everyone's mind. It doesn't matter if I have a pen or a mouse. It doesn't matter if I have a paper or ipad in front of me. This is my digital dream. I am someone who sees the world differently than most people. The colors I see are brighter and the voices I hear are clearer.

And yes.

If it was possible, I would want to paint even my shade a different color every day.

No 2 Experience

AdColony // Head Of Creative // EMEA and Latam
GenArt Media // Art Director // Twitter and Shazam
SportsTV // Digital Art Director
Reklamz and Stroer // Interactive Media Designer
OMD Turkey // Multimedia designer

No 2 Skills

Adobe Photoshop 10/10
Adobe After Effects / Premier 9/10
Adobe Illustrator/ InDesign 7/10
Adobe XD / Dreamweaver / Sketch 6/10
Adobe Audition / Garageband 5/10